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About Us

History to our industry

About Us

Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd has become a prominent provider in the construction industry. Established since 1992, Lian Wang now offers a wide range of AAC/ALC Panels & Blocks, bricks, concrete pavers, brick tiles and other construction related materials to local companies and beyond.

Emended with more than 25 years of experience and knowledge, Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd has established itself as a reliable, respectable and responsible one stop service provider for our clients. Throughout the years, Lian Wang has developed from a humble to a reputable company and has surpassed others by providing high standard quality of products and excellent service to its clients.


Our Vision

Singapore Leading Suppliers for Building Materials, working hand in hand with our customer to acquire & promote green products to achieve mutual growth & profitability.

Our Mission

To Actively Search for Green Building Products, understanding Market Demand and provide Excellent Services to Our Customers.



⇒ Customer Oriented
⇒ Trust & Reliability
⇒ Ability to take ownership
⇒ Unity
⇒ Resilient & Hardworking
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Our Pledge

As the construction sector move towards a more environmentally friendly, efficient and technologically advance industry. We strive ever forward to produce such materials that are suitable for such usual in the current construction environment. Our FortisLite ALC Panels way developed to meet such current environmental and technological needs. This solid with reinforced steel wire-mesh concrete lightweight panel wall system that is designed for fast installation with minimal wastages with 4 hours fire rating. Additionally, the reduction for requirement of stiffener and lintel during installation will also result in significant cost savings. With our Expertise and Comprehensive facilities, we are confident to exceed the expectations of our clients in meeting their construction needs.


Lian Wang Trading Product Catalogue

“This year we have grown our range of products to include Reinforced Steel Bars & Mesh, Prefabricated Sandwich Panels and Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panels.

The shift towards more innovative and environmentally friendly product in meeting market needs and requirements for the construction industry.

The product catalogue will showcase our wide range of products that cater to the industries needs and we hope to assist our customers in their requirements with our products and services.

We look forward for your continuous support. Thank you."

SME One Asia Awards 2013

Awarded the Distinguished Award

Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2014

Awarded the Established Brand Award 2014


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