• Lightweight
  • Fire resistance
  • Singapore Green Label
  • Acoustics
  • Impact
  • Precision
  • Fast Installation
  • Non Toxic
  • Fast installation
  • High Thermal Insulation

  • Description

    LeichtBric Premium AAC (Aerated Autoclaved Concrete) is extremely light weight with density of 480kg/m3 for a normal S3 block. It is an environmentally friendly product and is green from manufacturing to construction to usage and to disposal, and is testified with a wide range of solid certification and accreditation. In order to achieve these certification and accreditation, LeichtBric products put to vigorous tests and the factory is stringently audited at all levels to international standards such as ISO 14001.



    480 kg/m3 (available up to 700kg/m3).

    Sound Insulation

    STC 38 to 48

    Fire Resistance

    Passed 4 hours rating test @100mm blocks BS476 Standard

    Strength & Robustness

    Passed SD (severe duty) Impact tests @100mm blocks SS492 (BS5234) Standard

    Precision Accuracy

    Dimensional Tolerance of +-1mm BSEN 771 Standards.

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